Opening your children’s eyes

It is a fine line sometimes being a parent and choosing where to insert yourself in your child’s life. About a year ago I had a long discussion with a male friend who had a 9 year old. At this time my son was only 1.5 years old. He had made the decisionSoccer Ball and rule that his son had to be in a sport each year although the child could choose which sport. I at the time argued and argued that I did not find that important. I did not want to force my son to play a “silly sport”. I have over time and consideration found that maybe he was on to something. As adults and parents we have  to walk the tightrope of life and decide what we want to teach our children. What values do we want to instill? Respect? Hard work? Honesty? Now my son is only 2.75 years old, so maybe I will change my mind again before the time comes. I think sports are a good place to start to teach my son you don’t always win, relying on teammates, practice makes perfect, and when you get frustrated you can’t just quit.


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