The Sad Truth

I am reminded over and over of the trials many parents have to face. Some are due to miscarriage, NICU stays, learning disabilities, diseases and accidents. There are so many different ways children can suffer, they all can’t be mentioned specifically. Children touch so many people in different ways, which is an amazing fact. These happy, strong children light up our lives, even if we have never met them before. Facebook and Mommy Blogs are tools to spread the word of helpless families in dire need of support, financial help and encouragement. I read the awful stories of these poor young children that don’t deserve the immeasurable pain and suffering they have endured. It makes me wish I could reach out and help every single one of them. It makes me hug my son a little bit tighter, knowing I am so lucky to have him healthy.

Tripp has EB and wasn’t supposed to survive to one years old. His skin blisters with any friction and infections are continuous. At this time they are treating his pain and trying to keep him comfortable. Courtney is a single mom, taking 24/7 care of Tripp. She is an amazing woman who is strong for her child every single day. You can view their story here.

Such a sweePicture of Trippt happy baby should never have to be in so much pain. It breaks my heart!