Mixed Emotions on Child Support

When you are faced with a situation that you think needs to happen for any change to arise…and then you feel like you don’t really want that to happen because it’s not good for your child. It’s hard to feel just one emotion at a time. It’s hard to feel love for a person, only because they are the father of that beautiful child you have. You want them to be in your child’s life as much as possible and to do their duties. When it doesn’t happen you are left to travel the unknown of emotions and trying to keep your child’s emotions and experiences positive. You want to take time away from that person or however will they learn??? But you know deep down that time away from them is time your child will never get back again. It’s heart wrenching to know what your child is being put through and that these things could effect them for the rest of their lives. All you can do is wait and hope they won’t turn out that bad from all this.