G.U.I.L.T. (of the mommy kind)

You never realize when you are pregnant the magnitude of guilt you will once and forever feel. There are also a million different reasons you could feel mommy (or daddy) guilt.

As a single mom, I will forever feel the guilt that my sons father is not truly there for him. I realize that it is not all my fault but I will always wish that things were different a long time ago and that my son could grow up under BOTH of his parents. That also brings me to the lasting effects of my mistakes and choices in men thereafter. I am struggling to learn exactlClip art of man holding text of Guilty who is right for us to fill that forever home as “dad”. I fear for my son, that any and all of my choices will affect him wrongly, that not only will I suffer the consequences, but him as well.

Another guilt is discipline, it will always be in my daily life. As I try to spend quality, memory making time with my son I find myself constantly losing my cool, giving time-outs and struggling to get thru the day. My son loves to test me and smile his sweet little face. They learn so quickly how to maneuver our tactics and fight with all their might. The crying little boy in time-out is so hard to listen to as he continues to whine moommmmyyy! He is only 2.75 and says “mommy you’re mean!”.

He continues to teach me lessons everyday and although I have to deal with guilt on a daily basis, I love him and he is completely worth it!