Love/Hate Relationship with Naps

When a baby takes a nap in the morning and afternoon, it’s heaven. You have time to nap yourself and time to clean up the house.  Then they get older and only nap in the afternoon. It’s so hard to get everything done in only 2 hours. Now my 2.75 year old only sleeps for 1 hour. Let me tell you something, 1 hour is not enough time for me to get done what I need to do, sans child. I am a single mom who only has 4 nights “off” a month. My main complaint is whenever I am so tired and wait and wait for nap time, I only get an hour. This hour includes laying down and trying to fall asleep (as fast as possible). Then I get awoken by a screaming crying toddler that.just.will.not.stop. It’spicture of sleeping child completely aggravating and makes me want to scream every time it happens. I lose my schmidt way too much and then I really hate that about myself. That’s the last thing I want to do to my child or anyone else. So I have to take my sleep at other times and skip nap time. I know that I turn into the evil witch everytime I try to take a nap when my son does. Which only means one thing. I need to love it that I get a break by NOT taking a nap and getting my work done. Apparently I will start doing this tomorrow because today didn’t work out so good.